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  • 10 Jul 2019
    Teddy bear’s picnic - Tuesday 16th July

    Teddy bear’s picnic - Tuesday 16th July We will be having a teddy bear’s picnic, can the children bring in their teddy (named). They will not need any morning snack as we will provide cakes and crisps, if you would prefer your child to have fruit please provide it as normal.

  • 10 Jul 2019
    Extra football session.

    Football - 1.30 until 2.30pm (Wednesday 11/7) We have been offered for Glenn the football coach, to come in today for a additional football session. All today’s afternoon children will have the opportunity to participate. Can you please ensure your child has closed trainers or pumps on so that they are able to join in, if they wish. Children are welcome to wear football kits or shorts and t-shirts.

  • 02 Jul 2019
    Missing chatterbag

    If anyone has our Pen and pencil chatterbag, can you please bring it back next session. Many thanks

  • 27 Jun 2019
    Very important information - All Leavers July 2019

    I have emailed the download link for learning journals for all children who are leaving, so that you can save and print them. The link will be valid until Sunday 7th July and then it will expire. Please ensure that you save the journal as on Monday 8th July I will start the process of deleting your children's account, which will mean that from then you will no longer have access to your child's tapestry account. Please ensure that you contact me as soon as possible if you are struggling downloading the journal.

  • 26 Jun 2019
    End of summer term report

    The children’s end of term reports will be added to the children’s Tapestry account by Friday 28th June. Once it is added to your account you will be able to access it when you wish. The report is split into the 7 main areas of learning, which the children are assessed on, in accordance to Early Year’s Foundation stage curriculum – - Personal, social and emotional development - Communication and language - Physical development - Literacy - Mathematics - Understanding the world - Expressive arts and design The report indicates which age band your child is currently working at in months (if it states secure next to it, it means your child has completed that stage and will be moving on the next age stage). Due to the different paces at which children develop, it is normal for there to be one or two areas in which children are in a lower or higher age band than their actual age. If this is indicating as a concern your child’s keyworker will explain how the setting can work with you to support your child in these specific areas. There are four next steps on your child’s report, which your child’s keyworker will focus on next with your child, some of which you may be able to help your child at home and feed back to the keyworker in person or via tapestry. Any concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s key worker or myself, Many thanks Lisa Lisa Blair Pre-school Manager