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Val Robinson Childcare Services Limited is a family run company established in 1981 re-registered in 2017 as a limited company. Our Preschools are both located in Rainham, Essex

For over 40 years, Val Robinson has been providing the highest possible standard of care and education for children aged between 2-5 years in our local communities.

We are proud to offer your family highly qualified and knowledgeable staff, the latest equipment and resources in a safe, happy and stimulating environment, enabling your child to develop their skills to the full; the head start that every young child deserves.

Let us share the joy of every achievement, supporting you and your child every step of the way.

Kind regards
Val Robinson
Head of Nursery/Director

Our Philosophy

Nurture, Care, Inspire

Our Mission
Children need to be nurtured in a caring, fulfilling environment.”

“Learning is effortless when play and exploration is experienced through freedom of choice.”

Our Vision

We aim to provide a safe, secure and happy environment for your child.

Our focus is to ensure that every child is offered equal opportunities to be able to grow within our setting as individuals.

We aim to offer a relaxed, welcoming and enriched environment which supports children’s desires to explore and discover as they learn and develop. Our highly qualified, experienced staff support children to learn through play enabling them to blossom into confident, self-reliant and positive little people forming a sound foundation for their education.

We aim to work in partnership with parents to help to get to know everything about our children and tailor a unique learning experience that will give your child the perfect start every child deserves.


This document sets out our curriculum aims which support and underpin our everyday practice

At Val Robinson Childcare Preschools our curriculum is focused and centered around the individual child.

We aim to embrace the interests of the children and be responsive to their curiosity and thinking.

Our indoor and outdoor environments allow children the freedom to make choices and be an advocate of their own learning. Children are given the opportunity to explore, appreciate and understand the world, take risks and ultimately develop a love of learning.

Practitioners are facilitators to children’s learning. Their role is to observe, support and extend learning, offering meaningful opportunities and experiences whilst listening to the child and tuning into their needs and interests.


Our curriculum aim is for our children to play, learn and grow in a holistic nature. We offer creative, fun, play based learning as well as activities which are focused on specific goals and adult led. We want our children to develop a love of learning and seek learning opportunity, so our activities and topics are based on the children’s interests and needs guided by our Early Years Practitioners.


To create a love of learning so our children thrive as lifelong learners.


Through play and a broad curriculum based on our children’s interests, our Early Years Practitioners plan sequenced learning to develop what our children already know and can do to help them reach the next steps in learning. With the support of development matters as a curriculum guide, as well as our practitioner’s knowledge and expertise, we provide a fun and memorable learning journey for all children.


For our children to have natural curiosity for learning and have the skills knowledge they need ready for school and beyond.

Our curriculum supports children to meet their early learning goals in the prime and specific areas of learning, as well as their characteristics of learning as set out by the Early Years Statutory Requirements 2021.

Using this as a basis we tailor our curriculum to our children, based on their individual needs and interests. Through this, we are fully inclusive and our children with special education needs and disabilities, additional languages and other barriers to learning are able to access the curriculum alongside their peers.

As children develop, they will use a variety of schemas to explore the world around them and may show a preference to a specific type. We will use children’s preferred schema to develop a learning activity in addition to introducing them to new schemas and ways of exploring the world.

Information for Parents on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum can be found here


“An Amazing preschool”

Two of my children have attended here and currently my 2 year is still here. What can I say, I’m lost for words as what to say they just go above and beyond to meet all the children’s needs. They are something truly special. My youngest will be following when she turns two, I wouldn’t send them anywhere else. You ladies are amazing. Cottage Preschool parent

Cottage Preschool Parent

“What an amazing nursery”

Both of my children went here and I couldn’t be happier with the way the ladies run it. They offer so much support and are always happy to help out in any possible way. 5 years I have been coming to Cottage Preschool and I cant recommend it enough.

Cottage Preschool Parent

“I cannot recommend this preschool enough”

My son has been attending since just after his 2nd birthday. The staff are amazing, they are helpful and genuinely care about the children. Learning is encouraged to help prepare the children for Reception. Always different activities out for the children to use so it isn’t the same thing every day. I have used other preschools in the area and can genuinely say this is the best.

St. Johns Preschool Parent

Both my children attend St. Johns Preschool and I have been over the moon with all the staff there and the progress made. St. John’s have always gone above and beyond to make sure my children are settled and happy. The children always come home excited telling me about various activities they have been doing and making. I love the fact the preschool use an online diary so parents are kept up to date with children’s progress and a sneak peak of what they get up eo. I would highly recommend St. John’s Preschool to anyone in the local area. All the staff are absolutely lovely and hardworking

St. Johns Preschool Parent


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