Rule of law

Within society, laws are created to keep people safe from harm and maintain order.  Within our pre-school children gain an understanding of the setting’s expectations of them by;

  • Helping children understand what is expected of them in terms of behaviour the children help create the rules within our pre-school.
  • Encouraging all children to participate in ‘tidy up time’, children are motivated to participate due to ‘best tidying girl or boy’ incentive.
  • Our topic ‘people who help us’ children learn about the police and the need for rules in society.

Individual liberty

Our pre-school has the duty to meet the need of all the children which we care for, we promote to the children that every child has a right to an opinion and it is okay for other children to have a different opinion. 

This is encouraged within the pre-school by –

  • Children are encouraged to share with and respect each other
  • Opportunities are provided to develop children’s self-esteem (i.e. sharing achievements and promoting independence)
  • Children are encouraged to try a range of activities which they select based on their own preferences.


Within our pre-school we actively promote how democracy works by making decisions together, encouraging children to express their views and respect others views;

  • Child’s interests are reflected in the planning of activities within the setting
  • Children have the opportunity to place a pompom in a good or bad jar to highlight how they feel their experience at pre-school each day is.
  • We operate a free-flow indoor and learning experience, allowing children the freedom of choice.
  • All users of the pre-school are encouraged to fill in comment cards to express their views on the setting.

Mutual respect & tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Children are encouraged to treat others as they wish to be treated, whilst being open minded to the beliefs and views of others. 

  • The pre-school is part of the local community with close links to local primary schools, library and places of interest
  • Children are encouraged to learn about the world around them, by both experiencing the local world through trips and learning about the wider world by leaning about festivals and celebrations from different cultures, whilst ensuring their own culture is not forgotten.
  • Activities are planned ensuring they reflect different cultures.